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Mt. Zion Clinic
No July Clinic

Chinatown Public Health Center
Saturday July 9, 9am-12pm
1490 Mason Street at Broadway

Hep B Health Fair
Saturday July 23rd, 1pm-4pm
Interpreters (especially Cantonese) are needed to assist with hep B screening and education

Tenderloin Targeted Neighborhood Outreach: Community Leaders Meeting
Monday July 25th
Speaker’s Bureaau will give a presentation to community leaders in the Tenderloin concerning the importance of hep B screening

Richmond Area Flyering
Saturday July 30th, 1pm-3pm
VHIO is helping to flyer in the Richmond Area (along Geary/Clement and 2nd to 10th Ave) for the August Mt. Zion clinic

Hep B Clinic Outreach
VHIO volunteers are helping to contact SF clinics to arrange volunteering at hep B screenings.

July 2011 Events