Department: Chinese
Year: Junior
Major: Molecular and Cell Biology, CS Minor

Joined VHIO: Fall 2020
Why VHIO? 
Growing up with my grandma who is part of the LEP, I saw the anxiety that came with doctor appointments which initially made me aware of the health disparity that stems from language barriers. I joined VHIO in hopes of easing that added stress so that more patients within the LEP can receive higher quality of care.
Share one volunteering experience that was most memorable to you.
I guided a patient through an audiology appointment during which she got her first hearing aids. There were concerns about her insurance coverage, but I was able to communicate with the patient and doctor to help find an option that allowed her to get the devices necessary. It was memorable for me because in that moment I was reminded the importance of not only facilitating communication between patient and doctor, but also being a patient advocate. It felt rewarding knowing that she could finally receive the care that she had been seeking.
Future plans? 

I am hoping to go into healthcare and incorporate my passion for computer science into medical research!