Share one volunteering experience that was most memorable to you.
"The most memorable volunteering experience was when I interpreted an elderly patient for dentures using Medicare. After I helped him go through the whole process of registering, doctor visits, and checkups, he was very thankful of me. Then, we had a long conversation, and he told me so many things about Medicare which I didn't know about much back then. After he found out that I'm an international student which implies medical expenses can be very expensive, he told me about some programs, exchanges, and grants that international students can use. His information was quite helpful, and he was glad that he could help me since I helped him. It was just 'feels good' moment where you can feel the interaction and feel happy for each other."

Department: Korean
Year: Junior
Major: Molecular Environmental Biology
Preferred Pronouns: She/her/hers

Joined VHIO: Joined VHIO Fall 2016, first semester of my sophomore year
Why VHIO? 
"I can use something I feel confident about, English proficiency, which I acquired through many years of studying since English is not my first language. VHIO lets my strength and my passion, medicine, converge and thus explore myself. Not only I can execute my passions but also I get to help other people, and this is very rewarding from my past experiences at VHIO."
How did you help the community through VHIO?
" I helped Koreans who are not fluent in English living in Korean communities. What I could do for them was to interpret when they doctor visits, checkups, or counseling."
Future plans? 
"I am majoring in Public Health and hope to become an epidemiologist in the future."
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