Share one volunteering experience that was most memorable to you.
"My most memorable volunteer experience happened during my first interpretation event at the Mabuhay Clinic. The whole event was a great learning experience but it was a particular moment during the event that stood out to me. An elderly individual was searching for a specific Doctor (who was also her friend) and became frustrated at the other non-VHIO volunteers at the clinic because none of them could understand Tagalog. One of the volunteers asked for my help and I was able to find what she needed. This was memorable because I saw myself in her position numerous times in the past. It is meaningful for me to help others in situations where no one can speak their native languages."

Department: Tagalog
Year: Junior
Major: Public Health
Preferred Pronouns: She/her/hers

Joined VHIO: Sophomore year - Fall 2016
Why VHIO? 
"VHIO not only allows volunteers to help others on an individual level through personal appointments but also on a community or population level through translations. I feel at home and welcomed in VHIO both in my department and in the organization overall, which has positively impacted my college experience."
How did you help the community through VHIO?
"I, along with other Tagalog volunteers, helped translate documents for UCSF, interpret appointments through, and helped elderly individuals receive physical examinations at the Mabuhay Clinic."
Future plans? 
"I am majoring in Public Health and hope to become an epidemiologist in the future."
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