Department: Chinese - Mandarin
Year: Junior
Major: Applied Math + Econ
Preferred Pronouns: She, hers, her

Joined VHIO: Fall 2017
Why VHIO? 
"There are so many talented members and hardworking leaders in VHIO. The events of VHIO have enabled me to help hundreds of Limited English Proficiency people to receive access to healthcare."
How did you help the community through VHIO?
"At events with our partners such as UCSF and SF Chinatown, we have helped elderly people in the community to optimize their insurance plans and medicines, and we have interpreted for their dental screenings and vision examinations."
Future plans? 
Share one volunteering experience that was most memorable to you.
"SF Chinatown Health Fair has been my all time favorite because there was a variety of events that happened on that day, including flu shot, osteoporosis screening, dental and vision examinations, and insurance checks. More than ten members from the Chinese department went to the event and helped hundreds of elderly people from the community. We really enjoyed the experience doing socially responsible things as a group."
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