Share one volunteering experience that was most memorable to you.
"[M]y first volunteering experience...was certainly the most memorable. I had not shadowed before so I made sure to review terms, prepare notes and all, but in fact the interpreting experience was very fun! I got to use all my professional skills in English as I conversed with the doctor and make sure that every question that my patient wanted to ask got answered! Everything was so quick, but it was so fun!"


Department: Japanese
Year: Senior
Major: Bioengineering (Mechanical Engineering minor)
Preferred Pronouns: He, his, him

Joined VHIO: Fall 2017
Why VHIO? 
"I participated in the Japan America Student Conference this past summer, and from it, I really wanted to improve my Japanese skills, especially in a more technical manner, so that I could explain myself better in that language. So I knew about VHIO from before because my friends were in it, and my desire to strengthen my Japanese skills and using them in health situations gave me the push I needed to join!"
How did you help the community through VHIO?
"VHIO has given me the opportunity to develop close relationships with the clients that I interpret for repeatedly! I love outreach opportunities, and so far VHIO has been the only one which allows me to use my bilingual ability!"
Future plans? 
"I'm a Bioengineering major, current senior with an extra fall semester left. Also tried doing a MechE minor but didn't have enough time for that because I'm a transfer. Career plans include R&D of medical devices in Japan!"
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