Department: Japanese
Year: Senior
Major: Molecular and Environmental Biology, Public Health

Joined VHIO: Freshman year - fall 2018
What was your favorite outreach event this year? 

One of my favorite events this semester was definitely the UCSF interpretation workshop, as it was my first time attending it even though it's my fourth year in the club!. I really enjoyed being able to interact with professional medical and pharmacy students who were able to interpret healthcare scenarios with ease and great judgment. During this event, I believe I was able to incorporate many important cultural aspects of medicine from a Japanese perspective and thought the event ran especially well. Attending this event also helped me work on my Japanese skills in order to effectively interpret in a doctor-patient scenario. Even though the event was virtual, I believe it has motivated me to keep working on my Japanese medical terminology Sso I will be even more ready for the next time I interpret for a patient. Hopefully, my next appointment will be in-person!