Department: Tagalog
Year: Senior
Major: Molecular and Environmental Biology

Joined VHIO: Junior year - spring 2022
What was your favorite outreach event this year? 

Events: Interpreting Mock Sessions w/ UCSF Med Students and MHC Translations or Health Coach Interpreting

Experience: Interpreting events and translations with VHIO have always been productive and challenging experiences. Each has shown me the importance of knowing another language and culture, especially in a healthy setting. Specifically when working with the med students it was encouraging to see how many of them were eager to learn how to work with an interpreter. I have personally seen the need for interpreting services in health, so it was a great experience to know that upcoming med students also see and value that need as well. As for collaborating with the MHC, each of the translation documents and health coach sessions have been both educational and eye opening. Hearing from the Filipinx SOMA community directly and being somewhat part of their care experience was special and rewarding. Overall, being in VHIO has given me the opportunity to grow in my language proficiency and understanding of cultural competency in healthcare spaces.