Event Spotlight: Breathmobile 

We are so honored to have such a strong, long-standing relationship with the health providers at Breathmobile!  Interpreters work with caretakers of children who have asthma and other respiratory conditions (Spanish department works most often with the Richmond branch of Breathmobile). These are busy days: each appointment can be 30-90 minutes, and interpreters collectively work with 6 families a day. 
"It is very nice to see children be allowed to be children rather than interpreters for their parents. These kids are sometimes already uneasy because they have to see a doctor and have tests run on them - so it is a relief that we are present to relieve them from the additional pressure that comes with interpreting for your parents." (- Miranda Hurtado, 2018-2019 Spanish Department Coordinator) 
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Fall 2018: Spanish
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