San Francisco Hepatitis B Collaborative (SFHBC) Clinics

VHIO Berkeley volunteers attend two permanent SFHBC clinic sites each month, serving as interpreters between health providers and monolingual patients as well as hepatitis B educators.

UCSF Medical Center Mt. Zion Campus 
2330 Post Street at Divisadero
1st Saturday of each month

Chinatown Public Health Center
1490 Mason Street at Broadway
2nd Saturday of each month

VHIO volunteers may sign up for SFHBC clinics by filling out the sign-up forms that we send out 1-2 weeks before clinics. Selection to participate in a clinic depends on (1) first come first serve (2) language needs at the clinic and (3) priority for members who signed up last month but were not selected.

Please click here to see a Powerpoint that outlines Mt. Zion clinic flow and procedures.

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