Partners in D Clinics

Partners in D is a UCSF School of Pharmacy project in which student pharmacists hold outreach clinics at a variety of settings such as senior homes. Student pharmacists review patients’ medications and help to lower costs by assisting patients in enrolling in and managing their Medicare Part D plan. VHIO provides interpreters to these clinics, whose dates can be found on the Events page. Interpreters are needed for Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish. Most clinics are on weekends or late afternoon on weekdays, and they take place in San Francisco or the East Bay.

Project Brown Bag Clinics

Project Brown Bag is another UCSF School of Pharmacy organization that hold clinics, and VHIO helps to provide interpretation services. The goal Project Brown Bag is to provide a service where pharmacists counsel individual patients on their medications and address any concerns patients may have regarding their medications. Their focus is to target the underserved populations in San Francisco, where individuals may lack interaction with pharmacists due to limitations in mobility and/or language barriers. The clinic dates are posted on the Events page.

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