Each semester, we work with our partners at The Princeton Review to provide our members with events that could benefit our members.

In the past, these events have included...

  • MCAT Workshops
  • Interview Workshops
  • Resume Workshops
  • Letter of Recommendation Workshops
  • DAT Workshops

Please note that the flyers displayed are for events that may have already passed. Come here to look for events that are upcoming. 


Regular Benefits

In addition to attending co-hosted events, VHIO members can also benefit from our partnership with The Princeton Review by using our special discount code. As a VHIO member, you can (at any time)...

  • Receive 15% off your (non-self-paced) test prep at  The Princeton Review with our code, UCBVHIO1517
  • Receive 10% off on one-on-one tutoring (please email contact@calvhio.org if you would like to take advantage of this discount, so that we can let TPR know) 

Exclusive Benefits

The Princeton Review has also gifted us with a limited number of discounts for 30% off (non-self-paced) test prep. If you're interested, please send us an email at contact@calvhio.org! (For a sense of scale: 30% off a $2,300 strategy session is $690). You must be a member in good standing (both within your department and as a general member) in order to use this discount. 

For the 30% off discounts, we will also give preference to officers, members with better attendance at general events, and members who have more service hours (department considered). 

Our general code: UCBVHIO1517

Email us at contact@calvhio.org!